What is New? ..2017!


Winter Snow
Dear Friends of SMNT,

We have not been updating this blog for more than one year?! Yes, but we are happy to report that although the blog was idling we were not!

First of all, we have organized hundreds of Meetups, 285 to be exact! As of today, we showcased 300 startups in Silicon Beach, hosted 5 Silicon Beach Startup Courses and 117 Open Coffee Club Events! In less than 5 years we grew to 9,000 members!

We still hold monthly Pitch/demo events, next one is #SMNT53 on Jan 11, 2017. In addition we offer many other events for entrepreneurs, aspiring or seasoned, and people who are interested in everything new and innovative, tech or not.
The main reason we still exist as a group is our community and people who help keep it together! Thank you to many volunteers and especially to
Jorn Teutloff (Open Coffee Club event host)
Dane Flanigan (Pitch/Demo event host)
Wes Boudville (Pitch/Demo event registration)
Nicola Green (Pitch/Demo event registration)
Terence Lem (Marketing support)
Thank you to our main sponsor this year Bryan Lemster of Halcyon Innovation, and to the attorney Julia Cheng of Cyber Law Studio for helping us incorporate as a 501c3 non-profit organization!
We are grateful to our partners Cross Campus, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, Another Reality LA, General Assembly, WeWork, ROC, Control Collective, Philosophie, USC, UCLA, and many other wonderful people and organizations.
We are blessed to have great mentors and Silicon Beach Course instructors!
Read Testimonials from members of the group.

Thank you for being part of it!

Upcoming Events:
Open Coffee Club #118 Jan 8
VR Arcade #7 Jan 10
Pitch Demo Event #53 Jan 11
If you travel to Europe, check out our sister groups:
London New Tech with 10,900 members
Paris New Tech with 5,300 members

Wishing you a bright and beautiful Holiday Season! Happy New Year 2017! 

Winter Snow

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