SMNT Testimonials Part 4

Sam McArdle shares his experience after taking Silicon Beach Startup 101 Course in Aug 2015 and launching his own company.

What stuck with me the most were the lunches. Marina cleverly brought in current entrepreneurs who were actively working at their startups. And they just sat and chatted with us. The conversational level of learning was something I never experienced before.

And it was during these sessions that I became truly inspired. I entered Marina’s Startup 101 Course with an inkling of an idea – and hearing these people speak about their experiences and what they’re building excited me. When you ask someone about something they are truly passionate about, look at their eyes – they light up. Zeal spills out from within. And I wanted that! It was the desire to find that intensity and excitement that set me on my course to building Elegy.

Watch the video about the Startup Course.



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