SMNT Testimonials Part 5

Michael Lebow  is a recent Berkeley graduate and the founder of CursusPublicus. Michael will present his startup at our next Pitch/Demo event #SMNT54 on Feb 7 at Cross Campus.

I’ve been attending Santa Monica New Tech meetups since August 2015.  I started my startup at UC Berkeley during the summers with two of my friends.  When I moved back home to LA after graduation I wanted to get connected into the LA tech scene.  Santa Monica New Tech and the Open Coffee Club was on of the first groups I found and I’ve been attending almost every week since.  I found the meetup group through a Google search without any referral and I think it serves an important role in the LA ecosystem.

There are many startup networks out there – schools, alumni groups, accelerator networks, VC networks.  SMNT provides an environment with no prerequisites – anyone is welcome.  I think there is value in all the above groups, but an open grass roots group is essential to a vibrant startup ecosystem to provide motivation and support at the earliest stages.  I regularly attend mostly to keep myself in check and to have a consistent venue where outsiders ask me for updates.  During the first few months, repeatedly explaining my startup to new groups of strangers drastically improved my ability to articulate both the problem I’m addressing and solution I hope will solve it.



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