SMNT Testimonials Part 7

Gary Livingston is a UX designer who is also co-organizer of 805 Startups Meetup that helps build startup ecosystems in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and Los Angeles County.

  • SMNT was one of the first startup groups I joined where I felt a sense of purpose associated with the events. Marina has done a fantastic job harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit and sharing it with many in the community that would have otherwise felt lost or alone while working on their ideas/dreams.

  • Over time SMNT has found more focus and expanded on the amount of activity created. This activity has bred more activity in the area and has attracted the interest and participation of investors, city officials, and traditional businesses as well. Silicon Beach, while a horrible moniker, has grown to be a truly viable alternative to Silicon Vallley for those looking to launch and grow a startup to success. Marina is one of the key leaders in this community to thank for the success of this startup ecosystem achieving that level. Many owe her for her efforts and contributions, either directly or indirectly, to their success.
    Check out his upcoming Social, Dating and Lifestyle Expo on Feb 28, 3-7PM at HUB101 in Westlake Village, CA.805startups
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